3 sex games to try without delay with her

Playing is a great way to break the sexual routine

Add a playful side to sex

It’s not always easy to innovate in terms of sex games! And we must admit it, in the end we often go in circles without realizing it. The problem is that your partner may think that your carnal relationship is on the wane. And worse, she may be bored every time you tell her that you want her, her body, her ass… In short, before you were surprising and exciting, now she has a hard time getting hot as hell when you want to have a hot body to body.

But what exactly is a naughty game? For me it’s a preliminary game in its own right because it mixes games, like a good old Monopoly, and physical contact. From then on, it will allow us to slowly enter into the sexual relationship and thus to awaken your partner to pure and hard sex! That’s our goal!

Why is it so important to play before making love?

It is important to understand that these ladies are mental and that we men are visual and this must be taken into account. Therefore, there is nothing like bringing in a playful side to your love games to get your partner’s brain going. And it is true that it is not always easy to know what and how to do. What we want in fact, is to fill this lack of ideas that you often lack in order to create the naughty impulse between the moment of the real preliminary to know the caresses, the massage etc. and the moment before.

It must be said that we don’t often have the reflex to play before lovemaking to induce the desire precisely because we guys think that all women will start at the quarter turn as men do but it is a big mistake to think like that. Desire is essential and to think that foreplay as we hear it is enough to play the role of initiator of female desire is to think in the wrong way in my opinion.

I repeat myself but what is good with this type of games, it is that we will play at the same time on the mental side and on the carnal side by aiming the spirit and the body.

The little extra is that it will not cost you a penny, you will need at most a pen and a paper…

Let’s go!

Sex game 1 : Temptation Dice

erotic game with dice

The principle of this naughty game

Sometimes you don’t need to look for noon to two o’clock as they say and the simplest ideas are often the most effective sexually speaking. So let’s play a simple game that I’m sure you and your partner will love.

What do you need? Without getting too far ahead of myself, I think we all have at least one die lying around in an old board game in the back of a closet. You’ll also need a stopwatch, the one on your phone works just fine, and a sheet of paper.

Before you start, you’ll create a correspondence between the number on the die and “actions”. Indeed, when you will throw the die, the number that chance will designate will define what your partner will have to do to you and vice versa. It is at this precise moment that you can let your imagination run free concerning these actions. On a sheet of paper, so that everyone knows what they will have to do, write these naughty actions in front of 6 numbers.

The best thing to do, in my opinion, is that you write down 6 things you like and that she does the same on a separate sheet of paper, taking care to reveal each action only at the moment of rolling the dice so that it will be a total surprise for you but also for her! The only requirement is that it must be general so that it can work with women and men, otherwise you will have to differentiate between male and female actions. It is also a good solution if you want to personalize as much as possible these very naughty actions.

You need ideas of naughty actions?

I give you some good ideas:

  • Number 1: “I pass my turn”, just to spice up the game because yes, you can’t win every time!
  • Number 2: “My partner licks a secondary erogenous zone”, the goal being not to necessarily target the clitoris, the glans of the penis and so on, in order to initiate desire and not to go straight to the goal. Do not be predictable!
  • Number 3: “My partner gently removes an item of clothing”.
  • Number 4: “My partner caresses a secondary erogenous zone with his/her fingertips”, without forcing it, because we are only at the pre-preliminary stage for the moment!
  • Number 5: “My partner massages me”.
  • Number 6: “My partner kisses me passionately”.

Got a second die? Let’s add a little fun by letting chance determine how long your action will last:

  • Number 1: One minute of action
  • Number 2: Two minutes of action
  • Number 3: Three minutes of action
  • Number 4: Four minutes of action
  • Number 5: Five minutes of action
  • Number 6: Six minutes of action

How does this game work?

  1. You roll the dice
  2. Your partner checks the action to be performed on your little sheet of paper
  3. You start the timer and off you go!
  4. Now it’s your partner’s turn to throw the dice and so on!

What happens next? Well, once you and your partner are hot, no more dice needed! Let’s go for the hotter foreplay and the boinking!

Sex game 2 : Do you know me as well as you think you do?

A super easy game to set up

We’re going to play a fun little game that requires no preparation. You’ll just need a pen and a slate or a sheet of paper if you’re not equipped.

You’ll make a short list of ten naughty questions (or not so naughty, for that matter) such as:

  • What is my favorite position?
  • What is my favorite ice cream flavor?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • What is my favorite song? etc.

You will then ask your partner one of these questions but before she answers, you will write your answer on the slate (just so you don’t cheat and change your answer in the middle of the game).

From then on:

  • Your partner finds the right answer? Then she chooses your pledge.
  • She doesn’t find it and falls short? It’s a token for her and you decide what the token should be.

The pledge?

Either you define the pledge together or you do it my way:

  • Whoever loses takes off a piece of clothing!
  • The interest would then be once both partners are naked to continue on my game number 1.

Sex game 3 : Make your 2 brains work… together!

Let’s get excited together

The goal here will be to make the mayonnaise rise I want to say at your level and his. So I’m going to give you the beginning of a little naughty scenario, a scenario that you will complete as a couple. Where it will be original, is that you will dig your brains out without doing the job alone. You start the scenario then you send by SMS (or email) the beginning of your little story to your wife in the middle of the morning. You tell her that she has an hour or two maximum to send you the rest of the story and that this evening, this very naughty little story, you will both play it live.

Two scenarios to complete

Here are my 2 scenarios. Of course, nothing preventing you from creating your own:

  1. It’s 6pm. You have just sent an urgent text message to your secretary (played by your partner) because you absolutely need her to bring a file back home. Recruited very recently in your company, she eats you with her eyes every time she comes into your office with a smile on her face. Obviously, this text message sent in a hurry is a pretext to make her come to your place to see if you can make sexual advances to her, especially since there is a small promotion on the table. Suddenly you hear the doorbell ring. It’s her coming…
  2. You are quietly sipping a beer in front of the TV on your couch, telling yourself that you are tired of being single. Suddenly you hear the doorbell ring. You’re not expecting anyone. You look through the peephole and see the neighbor waiting for you to open the door. You take a quick look in the mirror to see if you are presentable! Everything is ok. You open the door and the lady asks you if you can help her with salt and pepper. Well, at 10 pm, who would need this kind of stuff? You feel the opening, you ask her to come in for a drink, invitation she accepts…

A simple little game but heavy with (good) consequences

And yes, with this very basic game :

  • You will create a naughty story together, nothing like it to make your couple’s naughty imagination work, each one not hesitating to give ideas to improve the other one’s part (without judgement so that the other one doesn’t think that his ideas are bad). In short, the goal is to be complementary to each other.
  • you will make your partner boil all day long, his desire to join you at home growing by the hour
  • you will understand that this excitement, you can make it born hours before the pure and hard sexual relation

Nothing prevents you from asking your partner to start the scenario.


In short you will have understood, there is really for all the tastes as you see.

The word of the end? Have fun, that’s the main thing because it’s in a good atmosphere that bodies get closer and spirits let go!