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Exploring the Diverse Landscape of Adult Entertainment

Exploring the Diverse Landscape of Adult Entertainment

Nov 16, 2023

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Videos of squirt girls are easy to find on the internet. There are many porn sites showing squirt videos or squirt compilations. For example, the most famous porn tubes like Pornhub, Xhamster, Youporn, Xvideos or Redtube.

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What is a squirt ?

A squirt is the release of a liquid (different from cyprine) in women at the approach or at the moment of orgasm. The emission of the liquid during a squirt is very weak in a majority of women, but abundant in others; the popular expression "fountain woman" is used to designate a woman with a very abundant ejaculation.

Female ejaculation was described by Ernst Gräfenberg in 1950. But this phenomenon was already mentioned in Indian manuscripts from the 11th century.

Which glands produce the liquid expulsing during squirts?

Different glands are activated during sexual intercourse. There are Bartholin's glands, on either side of the vagina, which are used for lubrication, but also Skene's glands. These glands are located around the urethra and also participate in vaginal lubrication. They produce a liquid that mixes with vaginal secretions. The hypothesis that was put forward for a long time was that, in fountain women, these glands filled up more than normal. However, weighing barely 2 to 5 grams, Skene's glands are not the best candidates to explain the expulsion of a quantity of liquid that can reach 150 milliliters!

The origin of the famous squirt

In order to understand this phenomenon, researchers conducted an experiment in 2015 with seven women in whom squirting occurred frequently. The expelled liquid was recovered for analysis, and the filling of their bladder was monitored before and after each self-stimulation.

The results showed that the bladder was empty after intercourse when female ejaculation occurred. Analysis of the fluid revealed urea, creatine and uric acid, all of which are found in urine, but much more diluted. The researchers also found ejaculate from Skene's glands, but in minimal quantities. The liquid expelled through the urethra therefore comes from the bladder. The colorless and odorless appearance has not yet been fully understood. Further research on the activity of the kidney during sexual intercourse would be necessary to fully clarify this point.

Who are these fountain women who squirt profusely (see our videos !)?

This phenomenon can occur in any woman. In fact, anatomically, there is no difference between women who squirt a lot and those who do not. The reasons why a minority of women experience this phenomenon are still unknown. According to studies between 10 to 40% of women live this experience and squirt a lot. This range is very wide, because the phenomenon of female ejaculation is random. It can happen only once, occasionally, or systematically with every sexual encounter. According to many testimonies, women link female ejaculation to the confidence they have in their partner, the rise of excitement, the letting go...

Why are videos of women squirting so exciting?

As pleasurable as cumming yourself

For many men, watching a video of a girl squirting is as pleasurable as cumming yourself. You feel that your partner is in total perdition, she lets go of everything... It's close to ecstasy and it's amazing because everything comes out of her wet pussy! It is very invigorating and existing.

For the woman who has this faculty to ejaculate it is the ecstasy also. She takes advantage and enjoys her potential perfectly. For those who like to have a lot of sex, they can meet several types of lovers. The most frequent: the one who does not know what to do. "In general, he stops and then moves back and returns, a little disturbed. It should be noted that the pill generally passes better with the female partners, for the bisexuals or the lesbians: "often, they know more about the subject of the squirt and finds that cool to note that it is not a myth! According to her, for some people, sleeping with a fountain woman is as fascinating as crossing the path of a unicorn on a full moon night. So it's inevitably sexy. "It adds a little more to the excitement.

And then there are also those who confuse this liquid with vaginal discharge and then, quite often, it is great art: "Obviously, nothing very sexy when you find yourself obliged to explain to your bedmate that it is "normal" and that it is not dirty...".

Being a fountain woman, the height of femininity

Fountain women, the sheets certainly remember them. "With my husband, we had a lot of laughs at the beginning. It was a little destabilizing... I had never known that with my former companions ". If the question is to know if it is sexy to be a woman fountain, the answer is yes and more! It's the ultimate in femininity, it's a total fulfillment that is linked to your deepest desire to express yourself completely.

Most men are men who take pleasure in pleasing others. Sexy, that too! It is because a woman is in total osmosis with her man that she wants to give him everything by letting go completely, even if it means putting all her taboos aside, including the mega squirt effect. In conclusion: "Being a fountain woman makes you want to make love again and again".